Flying Dutchman Tall Ship

Flying Dutchman is a Tall Ship built in 1903.  In 2004 we bought this ship and reconstructed in order to serve as a passengers’ ship that is able to sail the international waters. We have a worldwide license according to international safety rules and the ship has been outfitted with the latest navigation and communication systems.

With the construction of the interior of the Flying Dutchman we mainly looked at comfort and atmosphere. We tried to use as much mahogany wood as possible. Besides that we installed all the cabins with their own toilet, shower, heating and air-conditioning. Outside we have a big main deck where the guests can comfortable enjoy the different views of nature.
This comfortable vessel with its luxury cabins is eminently suitable for both individual sailing as incentives with a sunny appearance.

The salon
In the main room for the guests we have different portholes which gives the quests the feeling of space and the possibility to watch the nature from a comfortable place. There are couches and tables to sit and eat. To enhance the atmosphere we installed a bar and CD-player.

Inside Tallship the Flying Dutchman

Tallship the Flying Dutchman has 11 two persons cabins and one four persons cabin, which provide room for a total of 26 guests.

The deck
The rear deck is layered with wood, which emphasizes the traditional atmosphere of a ship. On the main deck there are 3 different tables and couches to sit on, this area is covered to protect the guests from the rain. This offers the opportunity to stay outside and eat your diner surrounded by different landscapes.

Deck Tallship the Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman has 10 double cabins and two vierpersoonshutten.
A total of 28 guests can sleep. All cabins are equipped with bunk beds. Each cabin has its own shower and toilet, and driven central air conditioning.

Tallship The Flying Dutchman  has 480 m² sail spread over 7 sailing.
Under the guidance of the crew must all guests (after a small knopencursus of the sailor) itself hoist the sails, mountains and help with navigation and steering. Who dares to be done (with jacket) in the kluivernet help.

Tallship the Flying Dutchman

Sailing Holiday with the Flying Dutchman?

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